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Podcasts for Expecting Mamas

The month of January for me has been all about being in a mindset of positivity. I’ve been working on incorporating affirmations into my daily routine and try to take time for myself on the days I need some extra TLC. Because of this, I’ve been trying to find other ways to involve even more support into my life. So I’ve been looking into trying to find some podcasts that relate to what I’m going through.

podcasts for expecting mamas

I keep saying that pregnancy is so weird – it’s really not what you expect. My biggest mission – especially with Growing & Glowing – is to find other mamas all around the word and be relatable. A bigger part of that is finding other moms to relate to. That’s why podcasts are actually really important to me. Because I know that someone out there is going through what I’m going through and sharing their realness with me – it feels personal.

Lucky for YOU, I’ve been picking through the internet to find as many podcasts as I can. Of course, I haven’t listened to all of them, but I’ve checked out a couple that were recommended to me and have the best reviews. I’ve made a list of 18 Podcasts for Expecting Mamas that you can check out for yourself and hopefully take something home from them. Or just be able to relate to another mama!

18 Podcasts for Expecting Mamas

Pregnancy Podcast

Hosted by Vanessa Merten. Exactly as it’s called, Vanessa takes you through and navigates the adventure of pregnancy, birth, and being a new parent.

40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

Hosted by Vanessa Merten. This podcast tells you exactly what’s going on with your baby and body no matter what week of pregnancy you’re at! It reminds me of the extended version of the app that I use – and way more relatable, too.

Birth Stories in Color

Hosted by Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson. Birth Stories in Color uses story telling to as a way to equip future parents for what lies ahead.

The Birthful Podcast

Hosted by Adriana Lozasda. Author, speaker, doula, and postpartum educator – in the Birthful Podcast, Adriana Lozada talks with pregnancy, birth and postpartum experts to distill that information down to the relevant stuff!

The Birth Hour

Hosted by Bryn Huntpalmer. I’ve heard that this is such a moving podcast as each mom shares her powerful birth story.

Preggie Pals

Hosted by Stephanie Glover. Each episode features a panel of pregnant women, at various stages and trimesters, as well as experienced moms and experts.

Pregnancy Confidental

Hosted by Dana Points. Pregnancy Confidential is a series of 32 podcasts designed to be accessed weekly by expectant moms.

Plus Mommy Podcast

Hosted by Jen McLellan, Plus Mommy explores plus-size pregnancy, motherhood and body love.

Big Fat Positive

Hosted by Laura Birek and Shanna Micko. Big Fat Positive is an irreverent and funny show that follows two moms-to-be on their journey through pregnancy and into new motherhood, week by week

Pregnancy Perfect

Hosted by Kayla Geddes. Kayla interviews new moms and/or more seasoned moms that share with their experience through their pregnancy, as well as offering tips, family traditions and remedies, apps that helped them and things like their weirdest symptoms, crazy food cravings, the biggest lesson they learned, and what they would do differently in their next pregnancy. However, I will mention that this podcast has ended – but there is 74 episodes to listen to!!

Mama Bear at Home

Hosted by Kayla Geddes. Yes another by her! Mama Bear at Home features weekly guests to talk about different aspects of motherhood. Mama Bear is meant to encourage, inspire, and entertain young mothers during this amazing and difficult journey.

The Healthy Belly Pregnancy Podcast

The Healthy Belly’s Radio Podcast series connects the listeners with their online pregnancy and parenting website. It features interviews with Dr. Bob Sears, Ricki Lake, and Birgitt.

Pea in the Podcast

This one seems to be a bit like Pregnancy Podcast. Join other moms-to-be and the experts including doctors, midwives, doulas, and authors as they guide you through each week of your pregnancy.


With over 250 episodes of podcasts by pregnant women and for pregnant women about the fantastic journey to motherhood, this podcast is full of expert information and friendly advice, opinions, and different perspectives for soon-to-be moms. 

Common Sense Pregnancy

Accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal – that’s how I keep seeing this podcast being mentioned.

Baby in Bloom

Hosted by Linda Lia. Linda shares tips and advice on pregnancy with special focus on first time pregnant moms.

Bellies to Birthcast

Heads up, there’s only 8 episodes to this podcast. But if you’re thinking you want to go the more natural route, this one may be worth listening to.

Risen Motherhood

Through the lens of the gospel, Risen Motherhood provides 20 minute segments relevant to everyday motherhood.

So like I said, I definitely haven’t listened to all of these podcasts. But I do plan on finding out which one (or more than one.. haha) fit my needs as far as what tone I’m looking to listen to, what topics are at hands, and how relatable the content actually is.

I’m looking forward to incorporating some of these podcasts into my daily routine and I hope that you choose one to enter into your life as well!

Aside from pregnancy, do you listen to any podcasts? If so, which one is your “go-to?”

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