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Why I’m Already Reading to My Baby

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to read. I was taught to read and write at a very young age – and the passion has stuck with me since then. Reading has given me help to excel in so many aspects of my life, and I’m grateful that my mom took the time to make reading such a prime area in my life.

Why I'm Already Reading to My Baby

Benefits of Reading to Your Unborn Baby

  • While your baby grows in the womb, his or her brain development is still in progress and the neural connections form rapidly. Listen to mommy’s voice helps to strengthen said connections – and these can help him recall when he hears them again after birth. Repetition is so important during this process because it is a proven form of memorization! So when you start reading to your unborn baby, it helps then to develop memory and concentration skills.
  • The bond with your baby doesn’t start with skin-to-skin contact. (Though this is essential, too.) But the bond truly begins in the womb during all the activities the mother engages in with him/her. Being constantly aware of the mother’s voice helps the baby develop trust for it, which is why most babies stop crying after they hear the mother’s voice. And this isn’t restricted to just mom!! Let your partner read to your belly, too, to help strengthen their bond as well.
  • Pregnancy is stressful for mom. Your body is going through so many changes! But did you know it’s also stressful for baby too? The baby undergoes a certain fluctuation of emotions and can even feel overwhelmed at times. I know I certainly hate feeling overwhelmed… Indulging in a reading activity with your baby will not only help soothe you down, but your soothing voice can help control the heart rate of your baby and help them relax.

What You Should Read To Your Baby

Here’s my opinion: you could technically read whatever you want to your baby. Doesn’t it sound productive to read Shakespeare to your belly? But that doesn’t mean you necessarily should. Especially since reading to your child develops a pattern, unless you plan to also read that book to them again as a newborn – maybe you should stick to something more…well…child-like.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose educational books, either!! I like the rhyming books of Dr. Suess, but I also have a TON of cute fact books on my registry.

Grow Your Babies Collection of Books!

Before he/she/they get here, start growing their book collection! Join your local library, begin a registry, have family members donate old books, or even get a baby book subscription!

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How early did you start reading to your baby – and what was your favorite thing to read??

xoxo, mama

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