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35 Pregnancy Affirmations For Positivity Seeking Mamas

After talking about my experience with Season Affective Disorder in Mama, Take A Moment for Yourself , I began to think of ways for myself that I can help ease my depression and anxiety. I started to remember when I used to use positive affirmations every morning and how such a simple thing helped me in such a big way. In thinking about this, I decided I wanted to share some pregnancy affirmations for all the mamas that feel like something is wrong in their pregnancy mentality, bodies, and every day pregnant life.

First Trimester Affirmations

  • My body is happy, healthy, and pregnant.
  • I will be a great mother.
  • I am good enough to be a mother.
  • My happiness is within my womb and will be here in 9 months.
  • I am blessed to be able to carry this child inside of me.
  • My morning sickness is the overwhelming emotions my baby has because I am their mother.
  • This pregnancy and this baby are meant to be.
  • I am worthy of this pregnancy.

Body Affirmations

  • There is beauty in the growth of my belly and the rest of my body.
  • My body is accepting this baby and will protect it.
  • My body can endure and will endure all that comes it’s way.
  • I trust my body to help guide my baby into this world.
  • My body is capable and strong.
  • I trust my body to grow my baby.
  • My pregnant body is beautiful.
  • I know my body is full of life.
  • My body is powerful.
  • My body is whole and healthy.

Pre-Labor & Labor Affirmations

  • My body knows how to birth this baby just as my body knew how to grow this baby.
  • My baby will arrive at the perfect time.
  • Everything will happen exactly as it should.
  • I surrender to this experience.
  • My body is designed to do this.
  • I am prepared to calmly meet whatever path my birthing takes.
  • Every contraction brings me one step closer to my baby.
  • I am a birth warrior.
  • I choose to be relaxed, calm, and confident during my baby’s birth.

Affirmations for the Fearful Mama

  • Today, fear cannot overtake me, control me, or dictate this pregnancy.
  • I release all my worries, anxieties, and fears about about my body, baby, and pregnancy.
  • Fear is only a feeling; it cannot hold me back.
  • I am fearless.
  • I’ve decided that I am good enough.
  • Fear has no control over me or the baby inside of me.
  • I am growing in confidence every day.
  • I release all my fears and concerns about infertility and I declare myself fertile.

As a new mom or even a mom with 1+ kids, taking time for yourself can be so hard when your world revolves around taking care of a tiny person. Even though my baby isn’t here yet, all my extra energy goes towards trying to eat and drink right, prepare for her to get here and everything to come, and try to figure out how to take care of another person 100% of the time.

That’s why these pregnancy affirmations are so important to me – they keep me going. They remind me that I am human and it’s okay to be. They remind me that my body is capable and I am capable.

What is your favorite affirmation and how does it help you??

Thanks for reading xoxo

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