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My Week 10 Pregnancy Check In

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

10 weeks does not feel like a long time until you’re pregnant. Time is still breezing by pretty quickly – I mean 2019 is almost gone with a flash – but each day definitely feels longer until it’s gone. A lot has happened this week, actually, which is why it’s time for my week 10 pregnancy check in!

The first thing I want to point out is that my immune system is weak. When I say weak, I really mean it’s not putting up a fight at all… it’s only supporting one person and that person is not me. Luckily, that means that OH (the nickname I have given Baby, the first letter of my last name and the first letter of other half’s last name) is being supported immensely.

Being sick means I have to really up the fluids greatly – besides the fact that I need to be drinking a bunch of fluids anyway… but drinking more means tons of trips to the bathroom throughout the day and even more so in the middle of the night.

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Down with the Sickness

Being sick is the absolute worst. Especially because I feel like I have no prior experience with sickness because I rarely ever get sick. But pregnancy has opened me up to a whole new world of feeling like death – and I’m pretty sure I might have a sinus infection, so it’s time to call the Dr… again…

Not to mention, there is just limited medication to take when you’re pregnant. My OB recommended me to take Maalox because I told her I’ve been having chest pains and trouble breathing. She thinks it’s indigestion related – which is a perfectly valid reasoning. Except it’s not indigestion and the Maalox isn’t helping. We’re heading back to the drawing board when I see her on Monday.

Baby Updates

I love keeping up with the baby apps I have because I like to see where my baby progression is heading. This week:

  • OH’s eyes are closed with eyelids as the iris is being formed.
  • The lower limbs (legs, feet, and toes) start to catch up with the growth of the upper limbs (arms, hands, and fingers.) Small nails are also visible on the fingers. And the joints are already pronounced.
  • Muscles continue developing and OH is starting to move more and more. Although, I can’t feel it yet. After all, he is only the size of a Strawberry (read on.)
  • OH starts swallowing amniotic fluid and his/her bowel begins truly functioning. Such a weird, neat, and gross concept.

Oh, and I have three apps now – let me break them down:

Pregnancy Tracking app:

No, like the name of the app is actually “Pregnancy Tracking.” But I love it. This is the app I downloaded originally when I wrote my first post, So Basically, I Am A Human Incubator. I love it because it compares baby to a super cute food item and tells me facts about how OH is growing this week, how my body is changing this week, what kinds of food I should be eating to support OH, and even has tracking for belly measurements and weight measurements.

My Week 10 Pregnancy Check In

The good thing is that I even thing the height portion is accurate! The reason I say this is because they have Week 10 at 1.220 – 1.574 inches in height from head to butt, and as of last Monday (week 9) OH was at 2.45 cm (which transitions to 0.964 inches) and if we fast forward to now, we’re probably somewhere in between 1.2 and 1.5

Ovia Pregnancy app:

This app I like less but it was recommended to me by my sister (who has two kids). The reason I keep this app is because it has this cute feature where it compares the size of your baby’s hands and feet to the size of your phone screen so you can get a good idea of how big they are inside your belly (or I guess I should say womb.)

Baby Story app:

Baby Story is a super cute app that lets you edit your photos to show how far along you are, what month is is, what milestone it is; etc. You can even use it for after baby is born to show their weight, height, first holidays, and more!

My Week 10 pregnancy check in is pretty basic. Besides being sick and not sleeping very well, I’ve actually managed to get a ton of things done! My motivation has surely increased as I prepare for OH to be in my life – but that is definitely a good thing.

I say it a lot, but I am SO excited to meet him/her.



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